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ZTE Open Firmware

Discussion in 'ZTE - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by aukonline, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Mar 2, 2014
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    All the text on this site here are based on the information I have collect from the internet.
    This site is about installing firmware that is not officially release by ZTE.

    Official ZTE OPEN firmware
    UK version
    US version

    The official firmware is behind the latest (beta) version. This is a normal ´issue' with most phone.
    If you need the latest feature
    B2G/Roadmap - MozillaWiki

    You should build the source yourself of find a more simple way to update your phone.

    Firmware upgrade steps

    Official firmware:
    Download from ZTE
    Copy to SD card
    Start recovery mode press button power up and volume(+)
    Select the zip file

    Unofficial firmware:
    Three possible way:

    install from the source code.
    This is too difficult for the most people

    Install the firmware supplied from someone.
    Use alternative firmware.

    c) (does not work any more)
    Use the the 'updates.js' trick to upgrade from the official Mozilla daily build.
    see: firmware 1.3.0
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