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Zotac VR Go is a backpack PC for VR

Discussion in 'Personal Computers / Notebooks' started by M0YAL, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. M0YAL

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    Jan 4, 2015
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    Zotac has revealed a new backpack PC that should get rid of one of the biggest annoyances with using VR headsets right now: the dangling cables.

    Called the VR Go, this backpack PC literally just sits on your back using straps. All your VR cables go into the PC so there is nothing on the floor to impede your movement. The PC has its own removable battery pack that can power itself.

    The VR Go is powered by an NVIDIA GTX 1070 and a quad-core Intel processor. On the side are a bunch of I/O ports for connecting your VR headset and other accessories. When not being used as a backpack, the VR Go can also be used as a standard desktop PC.

    For all the specifications, launch date, and pricing, we will have to wait till early next year.

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