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Z3X Easy-JTAG Update. v. New phones, GUI changes.

Discussion in 'Z3X Products' started by M0YAL, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. M0YAL

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    Jan 4, 2015
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    iPhone 6s
    Z3X EasyJtag Release v2.0.6.0. Update.

    Added new phones via JTAG:

    - HUAWEI IMPULSE 4G U8800 (Read/Write/Dump/One click Repair/Jtag Pinout)
    - HUAWEI U8665 (Read/Write/Dump/One click Repair/Jtag Pinout)
    - HUAWEI U8730 (Read/Write/Dump/One click Repair/Jtag Pinout)

    Added new phones via direct EMMC:

    - HUAWEI ASCEND Y530-U00 (Read/Write/Dump/EMMC(ISP) pinout)
    - Samsung GT-P5210 (Read/Write/Dump/EMMC(ISP) pinout)

    UI Changes:

    - Write All function support extCSD writing
    - Write now smart select all necessary dump parts , including extcsd file
    - All Pinouts for eMMC and JTAG are displayed directly in software window
    - All targets information now stored in XML file , including eMMC models , so
    very soon we add new functions for one click eMMC configuration for different phones( boot with , sizes ,reset config etc )


    - UAC admin rights request in addons
    - path saving in open dialog of direct Odin , thanks layder_by

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