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XTC 2 CLIP 1.07 has been released | Added HTC Bootloader Unlock All Supported models

Discussion in 'XTC2CliP Products' started by GsmDude, Aug 8, 2015.

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    Dear customers,

    XTC2Tool version 1.07 World First HTC Bootloader Unlock

    World First !!
    - Long awaited - Bootloader unlock function for all supported models [​IMG]
    - Auto switch phones to developer mode from mass storage mode, no need to enable function in menu anymore - fully automatic!
    - Autosave operation log function added (per customers request)
    - Improved communication speed and responsiveness in legacy mode
    - Fix "0x" is not a valid integer error in legacy mode
    - Auto position main windows in the center of the desktop

    Discussion thread here
    XTC 2 Tool 1.07 has been released | World First HTC Bootloader Unlock[07.08.2015]

    Previous releases:

    XTC 2 Tool 1.06 has been released [27.07.2015]
    XTC 2 Tool 1.05 has been released [19.07.2015]
    XTC 2 Tool 1.04 has been released

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