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Xiaomi Firmware

Discussion in 'Xiaomi - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Gators, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Xiaomi Device Name : Mi Note Pro
    Firmware Version : V6.5.4.0.LXHCNCD [MIUI6] Download
    Firmware Version : 5.5.15 [MIUI6] Download
    Firmware Version : V7.0.5.0.LXHCNCI [MIUI7] Download

    Xiaomi Device Name : Mi Note
    Firmware Version : V6.4.3.0.KXECNCB Download
    Firmware Version : V6.4.2.0.KXECNCB Download
    Firmware Version : V7.0.6.0.KXECNCI [MIUI7] Download

    Xiaomi Device Name : Mi4 3G
    Firmware Version : V6.3.10.0.KXDCNBL Download
    Firmware Version : V6.1.2.0.KXDCNBJ Download

    Xiaomi Device Name : Mi4 4G LTE
    Firmware Version : V6.4.2.0.KXDCNCB Download
    Firmware Version : V6.4.1.0.KXDCNCB Download
    Firmware Version : V7.0.5.0.KXDCNCI [MIUI7] Download

    Xiaomi Device Name : Mi 4C
    Firmware Version : V7.0.11.0.LXKCNCI [MIUI7] Download

    Xiaomi Device Name : Redmi Note 2
    Firmware Version : V7.0.6.0.LHMCNCI [MIUI7] Download

    Source : www.xiaomidevice.com

    Note: Updating of software at your own risk.
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