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VolcanoBox MTK ver 1.1.2 Added Backup EMMC & NAND Security Items & Details Imp Info

Discussion in 'Volcano Box' started by Abraham, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Abraham

    Abraham Well-Known Member
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    Jan 26, 2013
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    Sony X
    • Added MTK All EMMC read security items
    • Added MTK All EMMC Write security items
    • Added MTK All NAND read security items
    • Added MTK All NAND Write security items
    • Fixed MTK All EMMC factory backup folder not named by Phone Hardware in some case.
    • Fixed MTK All Preloader.bin logs issue while factory backup in Run_Record.log
    • Added Very UseFull Information in so much Details while read Factory File.
      • after read file open Readed flash files folder
        and check
        • Android_Info.TXT... you will see
          • DisplayID
          • BoardID
          • BuildDate
          • CustomBuildVer
          • InternalBuildVer
            • These information is very usefull to revive Phones specially Clone one
            • very usefull for many phones have same ver but hardware changed

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