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UFST Samsung V build 60 released.Hot Free Samsung Qualcomm Models Unlock

Discussion in 'Saras Products' started by GsmDude, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. GsmDude

    GsmDude Administrators
    Linköping, Sweden

    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    V build 60 (Samung Qualcomm Direct Unlock)
    ANDROID for UFST Only
    New Products added (Total, more than 1090 models)
    Direct Unlock for almost All New Qualcomm Models (Not Need Root or Wipe)
    Patch MSL for almost All New Qualcomm Models (Not Need Root or Wipe)
    Patch MSL allows to Write Certificate without Root and Wipe EFS.
    As not need Root for Qualcomm models KNOX Warranty Remains Untouched.
    See Separate Document for Android Models Details.
    Not care about: 'File Read Failed: 00000000 [FS Blocked]' message
    during [Unlock] it's only warning what we deal with New Security.
    Do not Forget to Restart Qualcomm Phone after [Unlock], [Patch MSL],
    [Mobile Info], [Read E2P] or [Write E2P] is done.
    Otherwise can't write Certification!
    Use [Gen.Settings] for Certification, BT, WiFi and Other Settings.
    UFST Samsung V build 60.Hot Free Samsung Qualcomm Models Unlock
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