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LG holds a buy one get one free promotion on G4 leather backs

Discussion in 'LG - What's New?' started by Princess, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Jan 24, 2015
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    LG is about to launch a cool promotion in the US. It concerns early adopters of the Korean giant's latest flagship - the G4, which just recently went up for sale through major carriers.

    As most of you surely know, one of the indisputable charms of the LG G4 is that it can be picked up with an exquisite stitched genuine leather back. It really makes the device stand out, but, naturally LG also offers a more-traditional plastic option as well. The good thing is, however, that you really don't have to choose, as unlike most other current flagships, the G4 has a removable back cover and you can easily pick one up, or why not a few for different occasions or simply for the long run, after they inevitably get some wear and tear?


    LG intends to use this customization freedom to its full advantage and has announced that it will offer said leather backs in various colors, as a separate purchase. The promotion in question sounds pretty straightforward, if you preorder a leather back starting June 8 or purchase one before June 30, LG will throw in a second one for free.


    Preorders start on June 8 and the offer stands until June 30. The price is $69.99 and you simply have to add two units to your shopping cart to get the promotion automatically on checkout. Shipping will take some time though and should begin after June 26.


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