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Lg Confirms Always On Feature For Lg G5, Still Teasing Us

Discussion in 'LG - What's New?' started by Lilly, Feb 10, 2016.

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    LG took to Facebook to tease a new feature found on the highly-anticipated LG G5 which will be announced at Mobile World Congress on February 21. LG posted a GIF on the site showing only a rough outline of the LG G5 showing off its Always ON screen.

    The caption says “Never go asleep while others do. LG G5, Always ON.”


    It’s not clear whether this screen would be literally Always ON. However, if LG feels it must mention it, then perhaps it would be different than other phone makers’ implementations of a screen that displays notifications while on stand-by.

    Other phones like the Moto X, and newer Nexus devices have their own solutions for peeking at notifications while the phone is asleep. It’s only peeking though, these screens do not stay on permanently, they might only pulsate briefly and then go back to sleep.

    LG could be implying that the LG G5’s screen would never turn off. While this might be a new feature that we haven’t seen before. It’s way too minor a detail to convince the market to buy the LG G5.

    We’ll have to wait and see what LG brings to the table at Mobile World Congress later this month.

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