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Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.13 released - MTKx and Lumia

Discussion in 'Infinity Team Products' started by GsmDude, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.13 released - MTKx and Lumia

    USB Flashing improved
    - WP8x: Boot Repair Engine updated
    - MTKx: Support latest FlashUpdate package
    - MTKx: Flash Engine revised
    - MTKx: FAT image flashing enabled (Nokia 220 series browser problem)
    - MTKx: RPL backup removed during flashing, use separate "Read RPL" function!

    Service operations improved
    - WP8x: Service operations revised
    - MTKx: FormatFS /ResetSettings revised, now procedure also repair NK220 browser problem
    - MTKx: RPL operations COMPLETELY revised
    * No need 2-step writing procedure any more. Faster and simplier.
    - MTKx: New SelfTest supported - Earpiece, RTC, BTModule, Audio, Charge
    - MTKx: LifeTimer Edit and Reset enabled
    * Allow set any need value for LifeTimer or Reset it to zero
    * Most of DualSim phones not have *#war0anty# menu, edit for them useless

    SPUnlock operations improved
    - MTKx: "NCK Code Send" feature released, support 15 and 20 digits codes

    User Data Operations improved
    - MTKx: PhoneBook extraction revised for new SW versions
    - MTKx: UserCode reading revised for new SW versions

    - NaviManager updated
    Database revised
    All latest Lumia and MTKx firmwares included!
    From now need download NaviManagerDB from support as separate installer for activate latest models and FW versions!

    - Other
    SX4 server updated and back to work (Lumia, XG223, BB5 NewHash )
    Stuff files updated
    Some bugfixes and improvements at all

    NaviBase is not included in main installer !
    Download and install separate NaviBase package - InfinityBox_update_BEST_NaviBase_v1.01

    Discussion and download link - Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.13 released - MTKx and Lumia

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