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Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v1.17 - Alcatel, HTC and more

Discussion in 'Infinity Team Products' started by Silent Angel, Apr 14, 2015.

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    Jan 20, 2015
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    Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v1.17 released - Alcatel, HTC and new extra features

    MediaTek SP Platform

    - MTK Flash Engine:
    1. Flashing with "Flash Erase" and "Repartition" work now like "Download Only" mode
    2. Some other improvements
    CPU supported now for Factory FW flashing: MT6571, MT6572, MT6582, MT8127, eMMC only

    - SP Unlock operations improved
    HTC 310 (Read Codes)
    HTC 616 (Read Codes)
    HTC 620G (Read Codes)
    Alcatel 5038 (Direct Unlock)
    Alcatel P310 (Direct Unlock)
    MT6589 "SP Code Read" and "Direct unlock" revised
    MT6571/MT6572 NAND supported for "Read Codes"
    ADB/Root is not required

    - Factory FW reading improved
    HTC and Alcatel specific improvements

    - Service operations improved:
    HTC 310 support (SP Unlock / Read/Write Dump / Format FS / Read PatternLock) - HTC 310 model should be selected !
    New Feature: Alcatel ProInfo Tool: Read ProInfo, Write ProInfo, Edit ProInfo
    * Support for ProInfo write: Binary and Infinity format files
    New Feature: Flash Erase - for expert use only !
    * Support MT6571, MT6572, MT6582, MT6589, MT8127, only eMMC supported
    New Feature: Fix Unknown BaseBand - for expert use only !
    * Support MT6571, MT6572, MT6582, MT6589, NAND/eMMC supported
    New Feature: Init Preloader - for expert use only !
    * Support MT6571, MT6572, MT6582, MT8127, MT6589, only eMMC supported

    MediaTek FP Platform

    - MTK 652A/MT6260/MT6261 Read User Code activated (Reset option still exist)
    Read one and correct user code and it state (active or not)
    - MTK 652A/MT6260/MT6261 Read "Privacy Lock" and "Mobile Tracker" codes activated
    Read one and correct PL or MobileTrack code (or both if set)

    MediaTek All

    - Other
    FlashUpdate Package updated to latest (v1512/2015)
    FullFlash Read/Write revised for MT6572/MT6589
    MT6589 Support revised, FlashInit activated
    Secure Boot phones (MT6582, MT6589) support revised
    Improved CompileInfo extraction
    Security Repair improved
    Bugfixes and improvements

    Discussion thread: Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v1.17 - Alcatel, HTC and new extra features

    Infinity-Box 10 (ten) years (2005 - 2015) non-stop regular updates and support as nobody else: Infinity-Box - News

    New features, Unlock Codes (Huawei, Motorola, Samsung etc.), iPhone Unlock, Software Activations released for Infinity-Box Online Service

    - World biggest flash files database for several thousands brands/models
    - BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] Dongle
    - CDMA-Tool Dongle (fast and easy unlock)
    - Extract phonebook (and other content) from alive and dead phone
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