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HTC says 'something huge' is coming; could it be One M9 Plus?

Discussion in 'HTC - What's New?' started by HTC, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Just days after HTC UK confirmed that "the new HTC One" will be unveiled on March 1, HTC USA has teased the arrival of "something huge".

    While it's reasonable to assume that the tweet is meant to drum up excitement for the Taiwanese company's upcoming MWC 2015 press event, it isn't clear what exactly "something huge" means.

    One interpretation could be the unveiling of the One M9, which is figuratively "huge" given that it's a flagship smartphone. Or, the company could also be hinting at a large device - are we looking at the One M9 Plus here? Seems less likely, as recent reports suggest the device sports only a 5.1 inch display.

    As it stands, we'll have to wait till March 1, when HTC finally unveils its “huge” announcement.

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