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HTC One Stock Rom For Xolo A600

Discussion in 'XOLO - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Silent Angel, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Silent Angel

    Silent Angel Qmobile Supporter
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    Jan 20, 2015
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    QMobile J7
    -Stock apps.
    -Support stock weather widget.
    -Camera support better zoom and focus level.
    -Camera 12 megapixl.
    -Simple keyboard.
    -Always 200mb ram free.

    -Stock ui

    Port rom bug fixation:

    HTC ROM fixation ....... Cuz wrong ROM port by Htc ROM developer
    Download HTC one x ROM .
    Unzip it using es file manager and go inside HTC folder here you will also see another HTC folder (lol how foolish this developer is?)........ Go inside that second HTC folder and now here are 2 folders namely meta.inf and system with boot.img *************
    How to port it for Xolo a600....
    Replace that boot.IMG with your boot.img
    Now unzip modembynitin.zip and go to system/etc/firmware ----- copy that modem file and replace it with HTC ROM file ------ open htc system folder and then go to etc /firmware and rewrite that file here ..... done
    Now you have meta.inf and system folder with your boot.img ..*********
    Select these 2 folders with boot.img and then compress them ......wait .....till the process complete.
    Now reboot into recovery mode,
    wipe data,factory reset ,wipe devlin cache
    and install Zip from SD card .

    ROM link ---Click Here
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