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How to Root Right Lenovo A319 with SuperSu Pro v2.40

Discussion in 'Lenovo - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by M0YAL, Jun 14, 2015.

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    How to Root Right Lenovo A319 with SuperSu Pro v2.40 - So many method to root an android device, today i will share you how to root right Lenovo A319 with SuperSu Pro v2.40. This guide need some requirement that need to follow before you can start to root Lenovo A319.

    Before starting the guide i need to remember you again that rooting Lenovo A319 may void your warranty and can make brick your device because the ability to delete system files, so please very consider it before starting to follow this guide and don't forget to have backup first.

    If you ask, it is important to rooting Lenovo A319 ? i would answer it depend on what you need, if you use Lenovo A319 just for internet, small game, phone, text and normal activity then i would answer no there is no need to root, but if you like to move applications to sd card so i can install big game, like to partition the internal memory, like to change the user interface, boost phone connection by modified the dns and etc then you need the root, so consider it carefully.

    Disclaimer :
    This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. (DWYOR)


    Downloads :

    • BusyBox need to install first before you can install SuperSu applications, contains linux command that needed to install SuperSu application.
    • SuperSu Pro v2.40 root application that can installed from custom recovery, cwm or twrp need to install first before you can install this.
    Requirement :
    How to Root Right Lenovo A319 with SuperSu Pro v2.40
    1. This guide don't need computer, so download all files above and put on your external SD Card. No need to extract the downloaded files, keep in zip mode.
    2. Turn off Lenovo A319, now boot to recovery mode by pressing and hold Volume Up + Power button. This step can be done if you already install custom recovery from above link.
    3. On custom recovery main menu, select Install zip ↦ Choose zip from sdcard ↦ browse it to external sd card and then select BusyBox ↦ Yes - Install Busybox_from_CWM_TWRP.zip
    4. Wait until installation process finish
    5. Back to install zip menu, select Choose zip from sdcard ↦ browse it to external sd card and then select SuperSu Pro v2.40 ↦ Yes - Install UPDATE-SuperSUPro-v2.40.zip
    6. Done, now you can back to main menu and select Reboot. After completely reboot confirm that SuperSu already installed on your application drawer.
    Congratulation, you already successful rooting Lenovo A319 using SuperSu Pro v2.40. Please leave comments if you found any problems or broken links regarding this guide, thank you for reading and visiting.
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