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How To Fix “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” on Samsung Galaxy

Discussion in 'Samsung - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by NiceLys, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Today we will be talking about “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” error and possible ways to fix it. If you clicked on this article it means that your Samsung phone is broken and it is displaying the “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” error. First of all, do not panic. You haven’t bricked your device. This is a common error made by unexperienced users.

    This error is very similar to a bootloop. However, this time, the phone only shows the Samsung Galaxy logo, without going into the boot animation. At the top left side of the screen, there is a small text which says “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing”. You can try to restart the phone, remove the battery if possible, the phone will still display the error.

    The solution below works on all Samsung Galaxy phones including the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 5, Note 4, Note 3 and so on. The most common reason why you get this message is when you try to root the phone using a wrong file. For example, you will get this error if you try to root your phone using CF-Auto-Root designed for Android 5.0.2 while your phone is running on Android 5.1.1. Nonetheless, it can be easily fixed.

    How To Fix “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” on Galaxy Devices
    Wipe data & Factory Reset

    The first thing you should do is to wipe data and perform a full factory reset. You can do so bu turning off the phone, pressing volume up, home and power buttons at the same time to boot into recovery mode. In recovery, there is an option which allows you to wipe data. If this doesn’t work, follow the second method which is guaranteed to work.

    Flash Stock Firmware

    If wiping data doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to flash a stock firmware on your phone. You can flash a stock firmware using Odin. This will solve any issues with your phone.

    Try the recommended methods above and let us know if you managed to fix your phone.
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