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How To Disable The SU Indicator In The Notification Panel

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by GsmDude, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. GsmDude

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    Linköping, Sweden

    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    Annoyed of the tiny little ‘#’ icon sitting in your notification area? Well, that’s because you have the SuperSU application installed on your device. You would think about uninstalling the SuperSU application itself, but hey, it would also un-root your Android device. To disable the SuperSU indicator which always shows up as a ‘#’ in your device’s notification area, you just need to follow this simple guide.

    • A rooted Android device (duh.)
    • Xposed Framework Installed.
    • Disable SU Indicator Module. Download.
    • USB Data Cable. (Not necessary if you’re downloading it directly onto your device)
    • Make sure you have the Xposed Framework installed, with proper SuperSU rights granted.
    • Now, go ahead and download the Disable SU Indicator Module. If you have it downloaded on your PC, then simply transfer it anywhere on your device’s storage.
    • Go ahead, and find and locate the .APK file you just downloaded.
    • Install it like any other application. If it doesn’t work, Ensure that you have the ‘Unknown Sources’ check box enabled in Settings>Security. Try installing the application again.
    • Now, you’ll need to launch Xposed Framework on your Android device.
    • Navigate to ‘Modules’ and check the ‘Disable SU Indicator Module’.
    Great work! We’ve listed the above process in the form of an image too, so if you have any hassles, just follow the above images too!

    Good, now you don’t have the SuperSU ‘#’ Indicator sitting anywhere on your Notification area anymore! If you have any queries regarding this guide, simply leave us a comment below.