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Help Please

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by Sarmad Ali, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Sarmad Ali

    Sarmad Ali Well-Known Member
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    Mar 9, 2015
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    Nokia Asha 301 Software not going to update: auto charging

    Connect phone on selected interface...

    Core : v2.19 , BB5XG FlashEngine : v10.0

    Selected FlashSettings : Manual
    Check FlashFiles, Please, wait...

    Files Set for Flashing :
    MCU : rm839__09.04.mcusw
    PPM : rm839__09.04.ppm_m2
    CNT : rm839__09.04.image_m2_059S139
    Flashing phone now...
    [Gen] Rules accepted for : XGOLD Generation
    Check files done...
    -> SWversion check skipped : Dead mode selected
    Dead Mode is Selected
    Waiting for USB device...

    -> If Windows say "Unrecognized device" / Operation not start
    -> Or if Phone start charge - just reinsert battery
    -> If flashing freeze - reinsert cable/battery and try again
    --- Press phone's power button or insert usb cable! ---

    -> Phone not found.. :(

    Elapsed: 00:00:41
    Connect phone on selected interface...
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