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GFIVE G9 - S5F G9 Blaze2 Note3

Discussion in 'G-Five - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Abraham, Feb 7, 2014.

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    GFIVE G9 - S5F G9 Blaze2 Note3

    S5F G9 Blaze2 Note3

    I think J Campano's CM11 on MTK ROM is awesome, so I ported this ROM to Advan S5F/GFive G9/Chery Blaze 2 but instead of just replacing Nova Launcher with Touchwiz (my fave launcher), I mix and tweak them into a Note 3's ROM. I've been using this ROM for about 2 weeks without problem.

    Detail features of this rom : using G9's stock boot image, better front camera, compass is working, improve the fm radio reception and radio output through speaker, switch 3G connection between SIM1 & SIM2 (some S5F custom ROM don't have it), crispier sound, longer battery life, add some little tweaks etc. I'm not a gamer, but feels quite smooth and has no lag for playing NFS Most Wanted .
    Strong radio+wifi+bluetooth signal in my area. You can replace modem.img file (/system/etc/firmware) modem.img with the one that suit you most in your area. Battery can last up to 2.5 days for my daily usage.

    Air-gesture only works on Touchwiz/Note 3 launcher for scrolling page from left to right. Smart Screen and Smart Stay don't work. Gapps included.

    Thanks to J Campano for the CM11 rom which has working compass and fm radio to speaker output, thanks to Master Ludy van So for the camera libs, transparent accuweather from Sir Ram Zej, and Note3 apks & files from No1 N3, i9839, G9T, etc and definitely thanks to NeedRom.com for providing most of these materials.

    To Install :
    Use CWM, boot to recovery, wipe data partition, wipe cache partition, wipe dalvik cache, format /EMMC/system, then install this ROM .zip file.
    Additional Settings :
    - Set Front & Rear Camera's preview size from Full Screen to Standard 4:3 and change the Picture Size to 3MP & 13MP.
    - use Viper to custom the headphone/phone speaker/bluetooth. You can also access it from Settings>Device>Viper4Android.
    - . Use GravityBox for resizing/tweaking the navbar/softkey & status bar, boot to recovery, into engineering mode and more. But first, you need to activate GravityBox by: open Xposed Installer>Modules, tick GravityBox, then go to Xposed Installer>Framework> click Install Update and Reboot.
    - My gps settings may be unsuitable for your area, so here a GPS quick fix: Turn off GPS then use root explorer to delete /data/misc/mtkgps. Reboot and enter engineer mode>location>location based service ( Internet On). Choose A-GPS, and ensure "Enable A-GPS" is ticked. Then choose EPO and tick "Enable EPO". Turn GPS on then go back to engineer mode>location>YGPS. Wait until your position is lock (outdoor), the new mtkgps.dat is created.
    - I put some apps like root explorer, titanium backup, xposed installer, gravitybox, TripAdvisor, flipboard etc in /data/app so in case you didn't need them or prefer different tools, you can uninstall them directly from the menu launcher.

    Ok that's all. Hope you like it

    EDIT : There's a slight glitch; the icons on launcher has a bit of shadow in the background. It's not intrusive but if you want to recover it, use root explorer to replace (backup first) the "libdrawglfunction.so" in /system/lib with the lib attached here and change its permission to rw_r__r__ and reboot.

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