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GcProKey0023 Very Exclusive !! MTK Imei Permanent & Qualcomm Imei1&2 & Samsung Koren

Discussion in 'Hard/Software Products & Online Server' started by Silent Angel, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Silent Angel

    Silent Angel Qmobile Supporter
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    Jan 20, 2015
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    QMobile J7
    GcProKey Team Happy to Release UPDATE23
    GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0017 released.

    Grand GcProKey Update !!

    • Exclusively & World's 1st
      • Added MTK Android Permanent !! Imei Repair.
      • No CDC Drivers needed
      • No Mess Up with Drivers
      • No Pc Hang cause of Drivers Conflict
      • No Effect on Imei even after Hardreset Phone
      • Just Adb + Root Needed
    • Exclusively & World's 1st
      • Added QCOM New Method for
      • Repair Imei1 & Imei2
      • We called "GCEFS_Method"
      • DIAG Port Selection Needed to do
      • Beta
    • Exclusively & World's 1st
      • Added Samsung KOREAN
      • phones special algo for
      • imei cert write
        • Models:
        • SM-N900L
        • SM-N900S
        • SM-G900S
        • SM-G900K
        • SM-G900L
    • Exclusively & World's 1st
      • Added Samsung CDMA MEID CERTIFICATE Write support
      • Beta
    • Added Samsung Exynos older phones Sim Unlock
      • ADB + ROOT
      • Use ADB Unlock
      • Beta
    • Added Samsung Exynos older phones Read IMEICERT
      • ADB + ROOT
      • Use ADB Unlock
      • Beta
    • Added Patch Cert for BCM devices
      • S7272 etc
      • any digit imei is possible now
      • Beta
    • Added Patch Cert for SPD devices
      • many old devices
        any digit imei is possible now
      • Beta
    • Added database for exynos security keys.
      • for future Reuse.
    • Added ENABLE UART
      • for many new devices have problem with battery tap and can't remove battery
      • ADB + ROOT
      • *#7284# no need now
    • Improved QCN READ WRITE support for cdma samsung...
    • Improved SPD Unlock Real direct unlock for all spreadtrum samsung..
    • Improved ENABLE DIAG now real working diag enable solution
      • root need just to skip code *#0808# can use this with or without root
    • Improved sp handle on samsung and other devices fixed old bug too.
    • Improved NV_Method for imei2 repair.
    • Improved NEWQC_Method for imei1 & imei2 repair.
    • Improved mtk imei repair.
    • Improved eyxnos internal checker.
    • Improved Samsung imeicert write usb
      • was reporting fail even if it was pass
    • Improved root checker fail on older os.
    • Improved Samsung sprint unlock for other roots
      • should work fine now on 64bit and 32bit
    • Improved Samsung tmobile unlock for other roots
      • should work fine now on 64bit and 32bit lib
    • Some Test Reports

    →Download Area
    link1= MediaFire
    link2= https://mega.co.nz/#F!1pxHgTBA!P7owR-MlJxD-r0_N6o0xWQ
    link3= https://drive.google.com/folderview?...FE&usp=sharing

    →For buy Online

    →For Reseller & Distributors Prices
    Contact at Skype: Faisal_Computer

    →For End User Discount
    Contact at Skype: Faisal_Computer

    →For Activations
    Contact at Skype: Faisal_Computer

    Note: MTK Android permanent imei will work on any CLONE PHONE,HTC MTK,SONY MTK,SAMSUNG MTK CLONE,ETC any other which is not AES protected.
    Note2: MTK Android need rooted device.. no need any meta driver or db file. or any preloader stuff..
    Note3: QCOMM "GCEFS_Method" Can work on EFS CLOSED PHONES TOO..
    note last: Copy paste haver new job now.. hurry start your CTRL+C & CTRL+V