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Flashing Xiaomi Redmi Note back to Stock ROM

Discussion in 'Xiaomi - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Xiaomi, Apr 1, 2015.

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    This method use when your Xiaomi Redmi Note need back to stock ROM after using other ROM (custom ROM).
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    Flashing using TWRP
    1. Download Stock ROM Miui and place in SDcard (root folder! do not place it inside sub folder).
    2. Reboot device and boot to TWRP
    3. Back up ROM that you use now, just in case if you want to use it again
    4. Reboot (again) and boot to TWRP
    5. Select “Wipe” option
    6. choose factory reset
    7. Back to main menu, then select install .flash ROM 30
    8. After installation, do wipe cache and dalvik
    9. back to main menu and reboot
    10. Done
    Failed flashing Xiaomi Redmi Note using TWRP
    If Your flashing process is failed and cannot back to Stock ROM, maybe there some previous ROM cache still in your memory.
    1. Reboot your device and boot in TWRP
    2. Select Wipe option then choose advance
    3. Check all option list except Internal Storage and SD Card
    4. Back, to make sure once again do swipe factory reset
    5. Back to main menu and install ROM
    Do With Your Own Risk

    Stock ROM, China ROM and Custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note
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