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First steps for Chimera Tool (How to Buy)

Discussion in 'Chimera Tool' started by ChimeraTool, Nov 5, 2015.

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    Mar 11, 2015
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    ChimeraTool - Mobile Phone Utility (Samsung, Lumia Win7, BlackBerry OS 6, 7, 10)



    Blackberry module

    It has been a problem since long time till now to upgrade/repair your software problems. It is not a problem anymore to upgrade your software version even if it's not supported by your carrier.
    Most of the "red led blinking" phones can be repaired with Chimera tool
    Ability to flash own Module list in 2 method full and minimum
    After connecting your BlackBerry phone to the computer it takes just 2 clicks to install the latest firmware/languages.
    You can add any of the available languages to your phone
    Reading out all the available informations from yout phone like IMEI, Carrier lock, software version, etc.
    You can also unlock your phone by calculating the correct code (MEP based calculation)
    Nuke function for deep formating internal memory and reseting user code if it is not known.
    Blackberry OS10 flashing support

    Lumia Windows 7 module

    Read the factory NCK of the phone. No more modem patch unlock, this is the best permanent solution
    Factory reset modem: If you somehow damaged both modem filesystem copies, this will most likely fix the problem. You can reset NCK counter too by this way
    Flash Qualcomm bootloader, so you can upload custom windows images later, or root the phone
    Flash DLOAD bootloader to a Qualcomm bootloader phone, so you can update it with official Nokia Tools. We also fix the problem where DLOAD doesn't work, because the keystore has been damaged in qualcomm mode. No need to worry about that anymore, we guarantee that DLOAD and software update will work properly.
    IMEI repair function can be used if your phone doesn't have the original serial number or if it has been damaged while any procedure you did before

    Samsung module

    We have developed an unique solution that allows you to unlock and repair IMEI of your Samsung device via a single USB cable. Resistors or any adapters are not needed anymore.
    No manualy root needed
    One click unlock on the most of supported phones (Supported Models)
    Reading out all available informations like software version, unique serial, simlock state, etc.
    IMEI repair function can be used if your phone doesn't have the original serial number or if it has been damaged while any procedure you did before

    Download Software here Chimera TooL
    which models supported by Chimera Tool Here
    quick help with Chimera Tool Here
    Where to buy License Chimera here
    Spanish tutorial how to register yourself: Chimera Spanish Tutorial - special thanks to henrynicolas
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