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First footage of Pokémon Go surfaces on YouTube

Discussion in 'Mobile Apps / Developers News' started by Alexa, Mar 21, 2016.

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    The first alleged footage of the highly anticipated mobile game with collaboration of the makers of Ingress, Niantic Labs, has appeared on YouTube late last week after SXSW. An attendee of the festival has uploaded a video of what appears to be the actual game.

    The CEO of Niantic Labs was giving a short demonstration at a gaming panel. The actual topic of the panel isn’t entirely clear, but whatever it was, it showed us a glimpse of what the new geo-based game is going to offer.

    In the panel footage, we can hear that the presenter is talking about the differing regions of where you would be able to find Pokémon and you would be required to move around in order to find all the different Pokémon’s habitats which correspond with a type of terrain around the region.

    The footage only shows the encounter and catching of an Ivysaur, which was caught with a Master Ball. Also after the Pokémon is caught, we are shown some kind of Crystal menu, this could be some kind of currency within the game or it could be some new element of gameplay. This footage is not official by any means and the final product could be greatly different from what is shown in the video. So as always with leaks, nothing is written with stone.

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