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eMMC Pro - New Models - OPPO , Samsung and more

Discussion in 'Hard/Software Products & Online Server' started by Abi Wyeamn, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Abi Wyeamn

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    Jan 27, 2016
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    Huawei Mate 8
    eMMC Pro New Models
    [20 OCT 2016]We are releasing more models ,
    more dumps , more pinouts for our customer demands .
    Thanks for the feedbacks for our all eMMC Pro Users .

    Release notes about this models
    • # Samsung SM-G7102 USER Dump Uploaded
    • # Samsung SM-G7102 eMMC Pinouts Uploaded
    • # Samsung SM-J100ML eMMC Pinouts Uploaded
    • # Samsung SM-J100ML Repair Pack Uploaded
    • # OPPO A11W ( Qualcomm ) eMMC Direct Pinouts Uploaded
    • # OPPO A11W ( Qualcomm ) FULL Dump Uploaded

    OPPO A11W ( Qualcomm ):

    ISP / eMMC Pinouts are not available on the board for those who want to program eMMC
    You can still do it using eMMC Pro and connecting eMMC IC directly to eMMC Pro using the picture provided .

    eMMC PRo - Universal Device Programmer