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ChimeraTool - 30/10/2015 – New security S6 EDGE, Note5 direct unlock, safe root, etc.

Discussion in 'Chimera Tool' started by GsmDude, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. GsmDude

    GsmDude Administrators
    Linköping, Sweden

    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    ChimeraTool update: v.8.20.1842

    Added Samsung new security Direct Unlock, Read Codes, Read/Write Cert, Download/Flash Firmware, Store/Restore Backup
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928F
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928K
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928L
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928S
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928I
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928C
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928G
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - SM-G928W8
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920F
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920K
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920L
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920S
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920I
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920C
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920G
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920W8
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - SM-G903F
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - SM-G903FD
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - SM-G903M
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - SM-G903W

    Added Samsung S6, S6+, NOTE5 series rooting

    Before procedures (unlock, read codes, read/write cert) on Samsung S6, S6+, NOTE5 models you do not need root your phone with 3th party software, basically Chimera will do everything from the beginning till the end.
    If you will see recovery menu on phone's screen, do not worry, do not touch, it is the part of the process, the phone boot up automatically.

    Additional benefits of this update:
    • Pre rooting in not required
    • After the unlock you can skip flashing original firmware, because we will keep your firmware in original state
    • ADB authentication is not required
    • Every recovery function will remain working

    More about this update: ChimeraTool changelog -08/10/2015 – v.8.20.1842 - S6 EDGE, Note5 direct unlock