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Chimera dongle, HTC beta, IMEI blacklist check, fresh new design

Discussion in 'Chimera Tool' started by Nadeem Waris, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Nadeem Waris

    Nadeem Waris Well-Known Member
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    May 16, 2015
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    Dear ChimeraTool Users,

    ChimeraTool update: v.8.55.1400


    New functions
    • Added Samsung Repair EFS Procedure For S6+, Note5, J2, J7 and S5 Neo Models if the IMEI is like this: 350000000000006
    • From now on you don't need to download any driver packages or suffer from headaches with "Unknown devices", Chimera will install everything for you without any skills.

    IMEI Blacklist check:
    • Added IMEI blacklist check
    • 20 credits / check
      If you will check one IMEI more times, it will costs every time 20 credits, because we will also check the status every time you request, it is not cached data.
    • The IMEI status is real time, there is no delay relative to operators database.
    • Be informed about the status of your IMEI can be changed, for example a blocked IMEI can be whitelisted and a currently clean IMEI can be blocked too, but you will see the history of the IMEI events every time detailed in the response
    Help about the IMEI blacklist check here

    HTC module:
    • We will release HTC platform very soon, but while the testing period every customer with "All modules" license will have free testing. Every functions works with a simple USB cable, external memory card, cables, tools are not required. We will update you with the currently added models soon, however we will update the models day by day.
    • Main functions:
      Direct unlock
      Read NCK
      Repair IMEI
      Change CID
    • Warranty will be not void, this procedure will keep the warranty.

    Chimera Dongle (Authenticator):
    • With Chimera authenticator you can use Chimera without hardware lock, basically you will be able to change your computer without any restrictions.
    • Does this costs you any extra?
      Chimera authenticator is gift for every newly purchased "All modules" licenses, you need pay only the DHL shipping as extra
    • Important to know, it isn't possible to buy just only Authenticator without license, maybe we will have such option further
    • more information about the usage of the authenticator: Chimera - How to use the Chimeratool Authenticator?
    • Dongle will be available from 07/12/2015 from our store or from the resellers
    more information about it here

    Best regards
    Chimera Team