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Allview presents its first Windows 10 devices

Discussion in 'Allview - What's New?' started by GsmDude, Jul 27, 2015.

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    Allview, the smartphones and tablets brand present on the European market for over 10 years, and Microsoft present the first Windows 10 tablets available for preorder on the Allview online shop, starting today. The delivery of the products starts July 30th.

    Due to a solid partnership between the two companies, the European users can preorder, starting today, two Windows 10 products with a special offer. Thus, for any of the Wi10N PRO or Wi8G tablets preordered from July 27th to 30th, the customers will also benefit from an Allview W1m smartphone for free.

    “The launch of Windows 10 is definitely one of the worldwide highlights of 2015, with hundreds millions customers awaiting to enjoy the operating system’s new features. We are thrilled to be able to offer all European Allview customers the chance to be amongst the first to access the new OS, available on two Allview tablets, and benefit from some of the new features, such as Snap or Virtual Desktop”, stated Lucian Peticila, General Manager Allview.

    The first two available Windows 10 tablets on the Allview online international shop are the following:

    • Wi10N PRO, for 239 euro, the 2 in 1 device which perfectly balances utility and performance, standing out at 2 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash.
    • Wi8G, for 159 euro, equipped with Intel®Atom™ processor, 8’’ IPS display and 3G connectivity, a true mobile office that allows you to take your files and e-mails everywhere you go.
    See here more details on the products available for preorder starting today.