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Acer teases the products it will be presenting at the MWC

Discussion in 'Acer - What's New?' started by Princess, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Jan 24, 2015
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    Just a couple of days ago, we heard that Acer will be announcing a Windows Phone-powered handset at this year's MWC, along with another Android-bearing Liquid series smartphone, and a wearable device. We have no further info on hardware or class of these devices and, today, Acer decided to dangle a teaser in front of our noses.​

    So, it's a collage poster, which seems to feature at least two different devices. The close-up shots of specific parts reveal stylish detail, so Acer seems to be going for sleek design. The camera that's visible in the top left would probably suggest a potent snapper on at least one of the smartphones that the company is about to unveil – we doubt it would brag about it if it wasn't proud of it. The other pictures show metal frames on the bodies of whatever devices they are on, and a subtle texture, which we assume will be plastered on the back of a handset.
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